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Main Group
1 Operative healer

Second Group
Recruiting at all positions for a refresh of the group.

DPS: Imoogi
Heal: Anaya
Tank: Vander

DPS (melee):
DPS (ranged): Sleepercell

DPS: Boerboel

DPS: Goliath
Tank: Adamantine
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About Us
Go It Alone is an Empire guild on the server Krayt Dragon. Most of our members come from other MMO games, but we also have members that are new to the MMO scene. As a raid focused guild we try to help all our members with improving their gameplay regardless of guild rank or raid role. We are an 8man raiding guild focused on progressing through PvE content. We currently have 2 groups running operations every week and are preparing for the next operation, Explosive Conflicts.

We raid on Thursday and Friday nights at 8:30pm EST.
Guild News

Story Mode Warlord Kephess Eliminated

Imoogi, Apr 15, 12 7:17 PM.

Story Mode Colonel Vorgath Downed

Imoogi, Apr 14, 12 2:04 AM.

Story Mode Firebrand and Stormcaller Killed

Imoogi, Apr 14, 12 12:39 AM.

Stoy Mode Toth and Zorn Defeated

Imoogi, Apr 13, 12 11:20 PM.

Happy Fun Time Running the New Flashpoint

Imoogi, Apr 13, 12 1:01 AM.
Voice Chat
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 Explosive Conflict
 Karagga's Palace
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 Hard Mode
 Explosive Conflict
 Karagga's Palace
 Eternity Vault
 Story Mode
 Explosive Conflict
 Karagga's Palace
 Eternity Vault
The Infernal One
The Unyielding
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